Self Graduate Fellowship Recruitment Enhancement Support

The Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship will offer Recruitment Enhancement Support Funds to SGF eligible departments for the 2023-2024 academic year. The goal of this fund is to support departments that are enhancing graduate recruitment strategies for applicants that have the potential for Self Graduate Fellowship nomination. Proposals will be reviewed based on the quality of the plan submitted and the likelihood of the highest quality of applicants.

Support of up to $5,000 is available to SGF eligible departments for 2023-2024. The application is available using the form below. To submit an application, please provide detailed answers to all of the questions listed below and click "Submit Form". Departments that receive support for 2023-2024 recruitment activities will be asked to complete a final report on the activities, results, and the impact of department recruiting capabilities at the end of the academic year.

For Recruitment Enhancement Support questions, please contact the Recruitment Coordinator at

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What is the department's current recruitment plan for doctoral students?

What enhancements are proposed and what are the potential benefits of including them in your recruitment plan? Include a prioritized list of activities/strategies, associated costs/activity, benefits, and the target audience that will impacted by your recruitment strategies.

Ideas: Exhibits/activities at scientific conferences, faculty travel to recruit and give lectures at feeder schools, advertising in discipline-related websites and other media, department recruitment weekend activities on KU campus, REU program support, educational awards.

How will data be collected and utilized to evaluate the enhanced activities?

How is the department currently collaborating with the Self Graduate Fellowship in recruitment activities?