Applying to the Center for Design Research

The Center for Design Research (CDR) class is found as a specific section of the following course listings, and requirers instructor's approval:


Enrollment in the CDR class is by application onlyProjects are conducted each term with sponsors such as: Ford, Intel, Bayer, Sphero, Sprint, the University of Kansas Health Services and more. The CDR is located in West Campus in a three building design complex. The CDR seeks interdisciplinary collaboration and welcomes students from any School or discipline at KU.


Application Instructions


To enroll in the CDR class, turn in the following:


Submit your application materials by e-mail to

Enter your full name and KUID number

An application is only complete after all documents listed above and the questions in this form are submitted. Upon completion of the form above, please send the remaining documents to Greg Thomas ( Application is NOT open to freshmen and sophomores may be considered by circumstances noted on application.


Note: Application is not a guarantee of acceptance. Candidates are evaluated on the information provided and the CDR is not obligated to provide rationale if candidate is not accepted.

Applications will be accepted until December 8th. Upon acceptance to the course, you will be given an instructor permission code to enroll in the class.

If you have further questions contact CDR Director Greg Thomas.