University Food Policy Exception Form - Lawrence Campus

Responsible Party Information
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Event Details
This request is for nonalcoholic beverages. Beverages must be a part of the Pepsi Family. If the item you wish to server is not offered by Pepsi, please list the name of the product. Any alcohol request need to be processed though the Alcohol Service Request Form.
Licensed Vendor Information
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Rationale for Exception to the University Food Policy *
Requirements & Responsibilities *

Person responsible for enforcing these requirements:

  1. Ensures compliance with all stipulations governing the exception.
  2. Ensures that no alcoholic beverages are served.
  3. Accepts all liability.

The Sponsoring Organization agrees that it shall be responsible for any claims of injury or damage arising out of the service of food at its event. The Sponsoring Organization further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the University of Kansas, the KU Memorial Unions, Kansas Athletics, Inc., and their employees and agents from any claims arising out of the service of food at the event.