Student Opportunity Fund

2020-21 Reimbursement Request


The University of Kansas School of Music provides travel funds to support the professional development of its students and to increase the visibility of its academic programs. Applicants should note that the fund supports students who have submitted materials (portfolio, audition tape, etc.) in some sort of competitive arena, and who are selected on the basis of peer review of their work. The School of Music Student Opportunity Fund awards competitive grants for the following activities:

  1. Support for students to participate in national and regional conferences where they are performing, presenting papers, or presenting workshops.
  2. Funding for students invited to perform or present at prestigious regional, national, or international venues.
  3. Funding for students to attend a national conference when serving as elected officers of a regional or national organization.

Note that this fund does not cover participation in what would be regarded as a study program.


Students currently enrolled in a degree program in the School of Music are eligible to apply for travel support.


Funding is limited, so only transportation, hotel and/or registration fees will be considered. Meals are not covered for reimbursement.


Applications will be judged on the significance of the project to the student's professional development and its contribution to the visibility and reputation of the University of Kansas School of Music.

Application Deadline:

No later than one month prior to departure.

Application Procedures Checklist

  1. Have a copy of your invitation to present or perform ready to submit as part of the application process.
  2. Prepare travel expense estimates and have documentation. Documentation of expected travel costs must be submitted with application. For example, you could provide a printout from an online travel resource that identifies flight costs and/or lodging costs.
  3. Compose a one-page, single-spaced narrative describing the project and its significance to you and to the School of Music as well as indicate any potential outcomes (i.e., publication, future presentations or performances, etc.) that may result from your travel. This must be submitted with your application.
  4. Additional tax forms, travel forms, and banking forms will be sent to you upon approval of your award.

Post-Travel Checklist:

Submit all receipts for expenditures in the Dean’s office within two weeks of completion of travel. Provide a one-page report to Mrs. Smith on your travel and its significance to your academic career. Provide a one-page report to Mrs. Smith on your travel and its significance to your academic career. (

School of Music Student
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Student Travel Request

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