Nominate Team Award

A team must consist of three or more members, TEAMS must be nominated for a project.

A project is defined as an initiative that is directly related to the mission, goals and/or directives of the work unit, department and/or university. A project must have pre-defined goals and utilize strategy to reach successful completion of those goals. A project may cross departments.

Please type or print information on this form. If more space is needed, please attach additional pages. Completed nomination forms must be submitted to Human Resources, 103 Carruth-O'Leary Hall, 1246 W. Campus Road or by e-mail to

Once a nomination is received, the TEAM will be eligible for selection for a TEAM award to be given at the Spring Employee Recognition Ceremony.

Assistance in completion of a nomination form can be received by calling Human Resources at 864-4946. The Recognition Committee will conduct interviews with the TEAM leaders. The nomination form will be a primary source of information in the selection process. Supporting information is helpful and may be sent along with this form.

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Nomination Details
Consider their personal and professional strengths, and the quality of the completed project.
Include examples of exceptional and/or significant contributions.