COVID-19 Safety Non-compliance Report

Effective August 9, 2021, masks must be worn in all indoor spaces on the KU Lawrence and Edwards campuses. To report an issue of noncompliance, please complete the form below. It is important that prior to completing the form you have read and understand the mask policy. The policy details important information such as: circumstances where masks are not required, outdoor recommendations, exclusions, and disciplinary/misconduct procedures.

Please also keep the following in mind when completing the form:

•    If you do not provide specific information about the occurrence of noncompliance, no action can be taken.
•    Reports are reviewed during normal business hours and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Response times to reports of noncompliance vary, depending on how much information is provided.
•    Investigations into reports of mask noncompliance are conducted by varying units, depending which type of community member has committed the offence.

•    Mask violations must have occurred on the KU Lawrence campus or the KU Edwards campus. Reports of mask violations outside campus grounds are not within our jurisdiction.
•    Your submission is anonymous. Retaliation as a result of reporting an issue of noncompliance is strictly prohibited and should be reported to the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX.
•    Additional information about mask compliance can be found on the Protect KU FAQ page.

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