2023-2024 University Graduate Fellowship (UGF) Application

University Graduatel Fellows (UGFs) are appointed as Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs), and receive up to nine hours of tuition, course, and technology fees sponsored each semester. The standard GRA stipend is $25,000, and tuition support averages around $7,600, bringing the average total fellowship package to over $32,000.  

A department/program may be awarded up to three fellowships:

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When responding to question 1, consider these questions:
  • The first-year fellowships are required to be the first year of a multi-year funding package. How will the department support graduate students recruited with the UGF in subsequent years at KU?
  • Fellows are appointed as Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs). How does the department utilize GRA positions?
  • What strategies are used to increase external funding for doctoral education?
  • What challenges does the department face in offering funding to doctoral students, and how has the department modified its fundraising strategies to address these?
  • How is the department addressing graduate student debt?
  • How is the department making doctoral education a priority in its fundraising goals?

  • When responding to question 2, consider these questions:
  • What performance standards are in place for doctoral students, and what impact have they had on departmental decision-making about doctoral education?
  • How does the department regularly review doctoral students' progress toward a degree?
  • How does the department use outcomes assessments in the doctoral dissertation defense?
  • What resources are used to review data on the department's doctoral programs (e.g., Tableau data, AIMS, peer information, etc.)?

  • When responding to question 3, consider these questions:
  • What tools does the department utilize for recruitment efforts (e.g., Prospect CRM, GRE score purchases, unsubmitted applicant pool, campus visits, etc.)?
  • What strategies does the department use to recruit members of underrepresented groups (explain which groups are underrepresented in the field)?
  • How diverse is the department's most recent applicant pool both in quality and diversity?
  • How will the department identify a qualified diversity applicant, and what steps will be taken to encourage the applicant to accept the department's admission and funding offer?

  • When responding to question 4, consider these questions:
  • How has the department used the doctoral program profile (DPP), graduate program data, or other reports to shape its doctoral program?
  • Does the department have a formal graduate student mentoring program?
  • How does the department collect and track student placement data?
  • Does the department track job market data to set admission targets for its doctoral program?

  • The information given in this application and accompanying documents is complete and accurate, and I understand that submission of incorrect information can be considered sufficient cause for terminating my application.