Chemical and Petroleum Engineering REU Program

Please complete this application and upload your personal essay using the link below.

More information about our REU program can be found at:

(NOTE: Only US citizens or permanent residents are eligible for this program)
A letter of recommendation is required. List the name and email of faculty, staff, post doctoral fellow or the individual you have asked for an LOR.

This essay should cover four areas: Background, Achievements, Motivations, and Aspirations. In other words, please address the following: What is your background? Have you had any special academic achievements? Why are you interested in participating in this program? What do you hope to learn or gain from this program? What do you aspire to achieve in the future? What are your career goals? Is there any additional information that the reviewers should be award of? (Format: PDF file, 2 pages maximum, 12pt font, standard margins, single or double spacing will be accepted and is up to the applicant)