EECS Leave of Absence

PLEASE NOTE: International students seeking a Leave of Absence must consult with the International Support Services (ISS) offices prior to any change in their enrollment status to determine how the change may affect their legal status.

By routing this form forward, the advisor confirms the approval of this form.
By routing this form forward, the Graduate Director confirms the approval of this form.
Please enter the semester and year (for example, Fall 2024). For military personnel on extended deployment, please provide your best estimate of when you will actually return, even if this extends beyond one year. While Graduate Studies policy only allows for approval for a single year of leave at one time, and that is the maximum that can be requested on the PTD form itself, this document may serve as an attachment for subsequent PTDs submitted on the student’s behalf if the full amount of time needed is indicated here.
For the petition to be reviewed, the student, and the Director of Graduate Studies must have their endorsement on this form. Please have each individual sign below, OR attach to the PTD a copy of the email(s) (PDF only) indicating his or her endorsement of this petition.
Before an approved leave can be processed, you must withdraw from all courses starting in the first semester in which the leave will apply. If withdrawing on or after the first day of classes, you may be responsible for all or a portion of costs associated with tuition and/or campus fees, depending on the date of withdrawal. Students should consult the academic calendar or contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions related to refunds or the cost associated with withdrawal.
Graduate Studies - Leave of Absence Policy