Faculty Research International Travel Awards

The University of Kansas Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies has been funded by the U.S. Department of Education both to be a designated Title VI National Resource Center (NRC) in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and to provide Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships for our students over the next four years. The funding amounts to approximately 2.1 million in the four-year cycle. Our proposed initiatives for 2022-2026 focus on the theme of Strengthening Communities in KU and the heartland to Latin American and Caribbean communities and institutions, in part by leveraging our existing partnerships locally and abroad.

This funding creates some amazing opportunities for curriculum development, programming, community outreach, and language learning in the region. In particular, there are funds available for KU faculty and non-KU educators  to conduct research, present research, develop course materials, establish collaborative exchanges, or build new initiatives with Latin American / Caribbean partners. U

Up to $1,000 is available for each Faculty Research International Travel Awards. Competitive preference will be given to projects that address pressing global questions. Travel requests must be submitted 45 days before the date of travel. For questions, contact Brent Metz (bmetz@ku.edu).

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