SEMILLA & Kansas State University TESOL Program Application

Please fill out the application questions below. Remember, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE THIS FORM AND COMPLETE LATER, so please ensure that you already have your personal statement, education history, and other forms to be attached to this application.

Personal & Professional Information
Please include an email you use regularly. Course communications will occur primarily through email
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Additional Applicant Information
Letter of Reference 1: Your Building Principal
Upload Letter of Reference PDF
You may have your reference send their letter of support directly to
Letter of Reference: 2
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Statement of Purpose

Submit a 1-2 page statement that addresses relevant information listed below:

  • Information about yourself or your teaching experience which has prepared you to address the needs of your English Learner (EL) students
  • Information on how prepared you feel to address the needs of your EL students within your own teaching and learning
  • Career and professional goals and aspirations, and how being accepted to the program will benefit the goals and aspirations
  • Your intended area of emphasis in the program
  • Any research interests
  • A description of your work experience with English learners (e.g., past and present employment)
  • Future professional plans (e.g., Upon completion of the degree, do you plan to stay in your current position? If not, what type of position would you like to seek?)
  • A description of how you plan to complete all required coursework in addition to your current work and life commitments
Upload Statement of Purpose PDF
Education History

Attach copies of documents about relevant educational history (e.g., transcripts, teaching license, GRE, TEOFL, etc.)

Unofficial transcripts must be obtained from each institution attended before submitting the Graduate application. Applicants will need to order a secure PDF or have a paper copy sent directly to themselves. Both of these are considered unofficial because they are sent directly to the applicant not from institution to institution. Failure to disclose your entire and complete academic history may result in denial of admission, revocation of admission and assistantship offers, and/or suspension or dismissal after admission.

You must upload a copy of your transcript in PDF format from each college or university where you received your bachelor's degree(s) and completed any post-baccalaureate course work or degrees. Transcripts become part of your records at Kansas State University and cannot be returned.

Students whose transcripts are not in English must furnish a translation by an appropriate authority.

Note: Failure to list any colleges or universities attended may result in rejection of application.

Upload Educational History PDF(s)
Upload Teaching License

Attach a copy of your current teaching license.

Upload Teaching License