Bus Fund Application for Self-Guided Field Trips

Thanks to generous donors, the KU Natural History Museum is able to offer funding to cover field trip bus costs to eligible schools each year on a first come, first served basis.

Funding is available for economically disadvantaged public schools (e.g. 50% or more of students eligible for free and reduced lunch), up to $500.00 per school, and while funds last for that fiscal year.

To apply for bus funding, please fill out the form below. If your school is approved for funding, KUNHM can pay bus costs directly, or reimburse your school. Itemized invoices will be required.

Please note: this application is for self-guided field trips only. Information on scholarship and bus funding for Public Education programs, can be found here.

School Information
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Circumstances of Need
Describe the circumstances of your need (e.g. % students eligible for free/reduced lunch program, etc.)
How much funding are you requesting? Please estimate if necessary.
Have you already scheduled a visit with Visitor Services?
Please list the dates you are considering for your visit.